What is Flash Reprogramming?

Vehicles built since 1996 can have flash reprogramming, which is what  allows you to fix known OEM driveability problems for a specific application by electronically updating your vehicle's Powertrain Control Module (PCM). That can be done with our latest state-of-the-art computer equipment.

Sometimes a minor adjustment to the software can improve engine performance. That is no guarantee though. If you have a driveability problem it is recommended you first have a diagnostic done before ANY Flash Reprogramming.

  Until recently, car dealers were the only ones who had access to the tools and software needed to reflash PCM's, but with many dealers now closed you can still get the same Manufacturer Flash Reprogramming at our facility that you would get at a dealer.

  Flash reprogramming may also be used to update the software in a variety of different modules on today’s vehicles. A partial list of programmable control modules includes:

  • Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
  • Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • Body Control Module(BCM)

Anytime a PCM fails and needs to be replaced the new or  remanufactured  PCM has to be Flashed with the latest Manufacturer Calibration along with your Vehicle VIN number
We can also do Off-Car Flash Reprogramming for most GM, Chrysler, and Ford vehicles.
All we need is your replacement PCM VIN number and we will do the rest...
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